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7 Tips For Safe Baby Bath

Are you excited to give a safe and fun bath to your baby? Are you unsure about how to give a safe baby bath?

Don’t worry, these tips will help you to create a safe and enjoyable experience for your baby.

Giving a bath to your baby is really a wonderful experience for parents. Many babies love splashing in the water. But, to give an enjoyable and harmless baby bath, you need to follow important ways to make bath time safe and full of fun.

Just go through these 7 tips for a safe baby bath.

Tips For Safe Baby Bath

Get All Necessary Things

The first thing that you should always keep in mind is to get all the necessary things with you before start giving a bath to your baby.

Don’t Leave Baby Unattended

Do not leave him/her unattended. You must be very careful when you are alone in your home and have to answer a phone call or when someone knocks on the door. Wrap baby in a dry towel or cloth and take him/her with you.

Hold Baby Gently

You need to grip a baby very gently. Keep one of your hands under his/her head and neck properly when giving a bath in the bathtub. You require slipping a baby gradually and smoothly into the water.

Don’t Use Hard Soap & Cloth

Never use any hard soap or cloth. A baby has very soft skin. Use a sponge or a soft cloth with baby soap and rub the neck, front, and back of a baby very gently.

Always use moist cotton cloth or wool to clean the eyes and nostrils of the baby. Make sure not to use products that are harsh for the baby’s skin.

Use a Safe Place

You can use a kitchen sink or plastic tub, whatever makes you feel easier to bathe your baby without any hassle. Giving a bath to a baby is not easy for everyone.

So, make sure to choose an area where you give your baby a bath with high comfort.

No Interruption During Baby Bath

You must pick a time when you are less likely to be interrupted. It can be either in the morning or at night. Actually, this is the time when you get free from your daily routine and can bathe your baby without any stress or worry.

Most parents prefer morning time to make it a calm bedtime ritual for the baby.

Hold In The Right Position

When you bathe your baby, you must devote your complete time to him/her without any interruption. Make sure to hold your baby in the right position safely during the bath.

Don’t Use Too Hold/Cold Water

Never use too hot or too cold water for the bath. You must use warm water that helps in keeping your baby warm and also does not harm his/her skin or health.


Some people use bath seats as a safety measure and start doing their work by keeping their baby in the seat. It is completely wrong. Never leave the bath place.

Your single mistake can harm your baby, and in worse cases can take your baby’s life. So, you must follow the given tips for a safe baby bath.

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