Worst Apple Products

6 Worst Apple Products Ever

Do you know that just like other technology companies Apple too has experienced failure in many of its launched products? Are you eager to know about these worst Apple products in history?

Apple exists for almost 47 years, starting in 1976. The company had spent too much on the creation of new gadgets But some of them failed to attract customers due to certain reasons. As a matter of fact, some of its launched products were named as worst Apple products ever.

In 2001, Apple’s value skyrocketed brought by the company’s creative innovation of its products. The famous iPod, iPhone, and iPad are Apple’s most salable gadgets. It has user-friendly and unique applications that can only be experienced in Apple gadgets.

Let’s move further and find some of the worst Apple products of all time.

6 Worst Apple Products

Worst Apple ProductsApple III

The first in a line of worst Apple products ever is Apple III. It was introduced in the market in May 1980. Many of its sold units were recalled due to damage caused by overheating.

In order to prevent overheating the unit, the users were advised to pick it up 6 inches above and then drop it to the ground.


Worst Apple ProductsTwentieth Anniversary Macintosh (TAM)

This gadget was introduced in April 1996 in line with the 20th anniversary of Apple Inc. TAM is a form of a personal computer with a futuristic vision of making the device integrated into the lives of people. This product is very expensive compared to similar products of the competitors; it acquired poor sales than expected.


Worst Apple Products“Hockey Puck” Mouse

This type of mouse is accompanied by an iMac. It has a very unique circular design and has a short cord.

This kind of design brought the Hockey Puck mouse Apple’s worst product ever because it is very uncomfortable to use. This is the first USB mouse of Apple.

Worst Apple ProductsPerforma line

This is a promotional package of Apple composed of Apple Mac personal computers. The products introduced in this line were just the same as those previously manufactured by Apple.

It offers a bundle of products at higher prices and some specifications were also changed. This product line of Apple taught the company lessons about proper pricing.

Worst Apple ProductseWorld 

eWorld was launched in 1994 to cater to the needs of internet users. With the user-friendly tool, it helps users to send emails, read the daily news, and also post announcements. Its poor internet service of Apple falls by the end of March 1996 because of its very high price compared to its competitors.

Worst Apple ProductsMac OS9

Ranked number 6 in Apple’s worst product ever is Mac OS9. It was first introduced in October 1999.

This gadget lacks the protection of its memory and requires the intervention of multiple users which causes poor sales of the gadget.


With the advancement of technology, Apple has become an excellent gadget producer of the current generation.

However, we cannot deny the fact that every success story is accompanied by failure. The best things ever happened might also come from the worst.

These worst Apple products ever might be Apple’s best products in the future.

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