Is Android The Simplest Operating System To Hack?

These days android OS is being used by most of the cell phone developers. You may also have read about Google phones which are highly competitive as compared to other Smartphone. The best thing about android OS is that it runs a variety of smart phones by different manufacturers as compared to blackberry OS and iPhone OS. Android OS is flexible to use and compatible with all the users basic requirements.

Moreover, hacking experts have established different methods to attack android Smartphone. At the black hat hacking conference in Las Vegas they illustrated their powers and around 6,500 government and security technology workers came to know up-and-coming threats to their networks.

– The researcher Charlie miller demonstrated a way for sending malicious code to android smart phones using a new android feature named as near field communications. This new feature will enable users to share their photos, make payments or exchange any data by getting android phones in few centimetres of equally able devices.

– Moreover, he found that how to create a device the size of a postage stamp which can be fixed in an unremarkable area like restaurant’s cash register. When an android user walks near such place the phone gets infected.

– According to Wicherski, a hacking expert, the piece of software uses a safety flaw in the android browser and was publicly revealed by Google’s chrome browser department team. Furthermore, Google has solved the flaw in chrome and frequently updated to make most of the users more protected now.

– He added that android users are still susceptible as the carries and device manufacturers have not pushed those patches out to users.

– Furthermore, two trust wave researchers said about the technique they exposed for escaping Google’s bouncer technology for recognizing malicious programs in its Google play store. They have developed a text message blocking application which uses a genuine programming tool known as Java Script Bridge. This tool allows developers distantly add new functions to a program with no use of normal android update process.

The companies like Facebook and LinkedIn use Java Script Bridge for legal purpose, but according to trust wave it can also be demoralized maliciously. To establish their point they loaded malicious code on one of their phones and distantly got control of the browser. This way they can force it to download all code and get the whole control.

The senior Vice-president of trust wave spider labs Nicholas per coco said that “Hopefully Google can fix the problem quickly and for now android is Wild West”!

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