Appropriate Reasons To Select WordPress For Your Blog or Website

WordPress is the most excellent open-source technology that allows you to create your own blog and professional websites as well. It is a blog platform for everyone which provides us pre-built blog website at no cost.

You can use numerous copies of WordPress for your website and can customize the source code that meets your requirements as it is very flexible to use and easy to access. You will get thousands of themes to use for your blog or website with great plug-ins.

8 Reasons To Use WordPress

Free To Use

WordPress is an open-source platform and free to use for your website or blog. And it is very flexible to access and you can get great functionalities like design templates and themes as well as plug-ins to use in your blog.

Thousands Of Themes

The various features of WordPress make it most appealing among millions of bloggers to use it. If you search for themes on the internet, you will find thousands of WordPress themes free or paid. You can choose among them which suits your blog or website.

Self-Hosted Blogging Platform

It has become the biggest self-hosted blogging platform nowadays as millions of people use this platforms for their websites and blogs every day.


WordPress gives you access to use many themes. Therefore you can create, add and upload your own images as well as you can easily change themes. And with different widgets, you can customize your sidebar as well. In brief, you can make your blog professional, personal and can give it your identity.

Static Pages

You can add posts of any length by adding images, videos, and articles with this platform. Furthermore, you can also create static pages which present additional information for your site’s visitors.

Create Categories

You can put your articles and blogs into categories as you will get the option of creating categories by yourself so that users can find blogs easily by searching in the category section.

Run On Any Server

Websites or blogs which are built in WordPress often rank higher in search engines rapidly as compared to other websites. It can run on any server as it runs on PHP or MySQL. You can choose to host websites that have a good experience with this platform.

Free Plug-ins

Its provides free plug-ins which are easy to install in a blog and that automatically add banners, and generate site-map and video plug-ins that put more attractive content into your blog.


WordPress will remain the best open-source platform for websites and blogs due to its incredible features and flexibility!

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