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7 Most Adorable Dog Breeds Of All Time

Looking for the best dog breeds that are great with kids, friendly, and easy to train? Do you want to explore some of the most adorable dog breeds? Are you searching for a dog breed that matches your distinctive personality?

Dogs are notably man’s greatest companion. It has a very faithful personality which is very appreciated by its owners.

However, some people are having second thoughts about caring for a dog because of his fur which may cause allergic reactions to you. But then, despite these hindrances, many dog lovers still continue to care for dogs as their pets.

Every dog lover must know these 7 most adorable dog breeds that ensure to grab the attention of every person.

7 Adorable Dog Breeds

Dog Breeds Chow Chow

Chow Chow

China is the home of the very first Chow Chow breed. This adorable dog breed is very loyal to its owner. Chow Chow needs to be regularly groomed because of its thick coat.

Martha Stewart and Janet Jackson have a Chow Chow as a pet.


Dog Breeds Golden RetrieverGolden Retriever

Golden retrievers are often trained to be a swimmer. Its swiftness is best well-matched for athletic activities. This fantastic dog is very kind and friendly.

These dog breeds are mostly seen in houses as pets and also sometimes belong to a group of athletic persons. A lot of rescue teams train a Golden Retriever for their help.

Dog Breeds PomeranianPomeranian

This bear-like cuddly dog looks like a stuffed toy due to its thick fur. Pomeranian, often called Pom Pom, originally came from Europe.

The most famous personality having this adorable dog breed is Queen Victoria. It has playful and lively nature.

Dog Breeds PoodlePoodle

The famous doll, Barbie, has a dog pet Poodle. Its thick coat makes this adorable dog breed looks elegant. Poodles are very intelligent and extremely gregarious.

The famous personalities who keep a poodle are Natalie Pooch and Elizabeth Taylor.

Dog Breeds Terrier


Terrier is composed of a different breed. These petite dogs have thick coats and are very noisy at times.

The hunky Channing Tatum has a terrier. Terriers are mostly cross-breed to other dog breeds. The dog usually weighs from 1kg to 32 kg.

Dog Breeds MalteseMaltese

Maltese is a small dog breed. Despite their tiny size, Maltese possess a very brave characteristic. Maltese’s fearlessness is extremely unique to all dog breeds.

This mischievous dog breed is very charismatic and loving. Its loyal characteristic makes it more lovable. Its silky-smooth and white thick covered hair looks elegant especially if regularly trimmed.

Dog Breeds PapillonPapillon

The Papillon, popular for its distinctive butterfly-like ears, is a small and elegant dog breed. Originating from France, Papillons are beloved companions and show dogs.

These adorable dogs are extremely loved by pet lovers for their friendly and affectionate nature. Despite their small size, they excel in training and also participate in several dog sports.


Choosing a breed of dog is quite challenging. It is important to know your personality that matches the characteristic of your chosen pet. You can bring one of these adorable dog breeds anytime.

Don’t worry at all. With these simple DIY tips for dog grooming at home, you can take care of your pet safely.

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