Children With Pets

Why Children With Pets Are Cleverer?

Having a childhood pet is brilliant learning for a kid. Recent research on pets at home has found that owning a pet in your home for children has many effective benefits. It helps children to do their homework rather than delay their work.

Survey On Children With Pets

They did a survey on 1000 children who own a pet and aged between 5 to 16 years old showing that 79% believe their pet friends have an optimistic effect on their homework as well as schoolwork generally. Half of the children believe that caring for a pet makes them more dependable and caring.

Children who own rats and mice believe that their pet helps them with their homework 92% as compared to children having dogs and cats as their pets. Children with pets are liable to be more caring, loving, less selfish, and much happier than children who do not have pets. They spend tend to exercise more and spend more time outside with their pets.

Children With Pets Are Happier & Healthier

Having a pet makes children more responsible, caring and develops self-confidence.  In the new research, experts found that 57% of East Anglia and 54% of Scotland children who have pets feel happier in caring for and owning a pet.

Pets at Home is a sequence of free pet workshops for children taking place at all stores during the summer holidays found other considerable improvements children observed throughout pet ownership.

36% of people say that their children have become more caring and 34% feels a great intelligence of responsibility and other have become improved at conversation with people.  Research has reported that rabbit owners come second with 61%, cat owners come third with 40% and 36% for dog owners.

The marketing director of Pets at Home Scott Jefferson concluded that owning a pet has a positive impact on a child’s level of health. More than 30% of children who took part in the survey said that they had become more active because they own a pet!


This clearly shows that children with pets have greater cognitive abilities. Living with pets enhances child’s intellectual growth. If you have a kid at home, get one furry companion and watch your kid’s cleverness soar to new heights.

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