Pet Turtle

How To Take Care Of Pet Turtle?

Do you have a pet turtle? Do you want to ensure a healthy and happy space for your turtle? Are you worried about how to care for your turtle properly to avoid any mistakes?

Turtles are just wonderful and unique pets. Turtles have a wide range of species and they need different pet care circumstances depending on their specificity. Turtles are appealingly cute, and it is true that children find them attractive to watch.

These cute and silent pet turtles require a definite atmosphere to feel happy. Prior to adopting a pet turtle, researching the species to choose from is very important.

Tips To Take Care Of Pet Turtle

Basic Needs

Always be sure and educate yourself about the specific breed of your pet. Be sure it is a slider turtle, box turtle, or tortoise. Be aware of its definite dietary needs, social temperament, temperature requirements, etc.

Don’t Use Chlorinated Water

You must buy or construct your turtle’s tank. But make sure never to use chlorinated water because it will go for your turtles swimming as well as drinking water.

Before adding water to the turtle’s tank pour the water into a large storage place and let it sit for 24 hours so the chlorine will drive away.

Use UVB Heat Lamp

It is very important to provide turtles with a mercury vapor UVB heat lamp for basking. This lamp will provide your turtle with enough amount of vitamin D3 which prevents bone sickness and untimely death.

Without this lamp, your turtle can be in serious problem. So don’t fail to notice its importance. Put the light on for about half of each day.

Proper Temperature

You have to keep the proper temperature in your pet turtle tank. It depends on the species of your turtles but generally, 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 70 degrees at night are established as a rule of thumb.

You need to buy an underwater heater to attain this. Once more, it’s necessary to know the exceptional requirements for your specific turtle’s breed is extremely needed.


So these are some necessary guidelines you must follow to make sure that your pet turtle is enjoying themselves and are happy with you!

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