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Nail Art To Stay Trendy With Cool Nail Designs

Women always love to keep improving their beauty through various artificial products. These days makeup just extended to the nails as well.

Nail art is a creative and innovative activity that draws pictures or designs on nails. We can also say that nail art refers to the art of decorating the nails of a person through a variety of materials available in the market.

Creative Nail Art Designs

Nail art designs are getting more admired from pop songs and TV shows. In the past, a manicure or pedicure, and coats of nail paint, were the only things one could do with nails. However, the trend is changed now. Moreover, nails have become a small canvas, on which anyone can express their creativity.

Most people are now matching their nail colors with seasons or dresses. Women especially young girls prefer to do such art for all types of places like colleges, weddings, parties, schools, offices, or just outings with friends. Generally, nail art is understood to be painting on the nails, but it includes a number of alternatives as follows:

Painting the Nails

Usually, painting on the nails is considered a simple coat of nail polish. Currently, there is a wide range of innovative and creative nail designs available that can be painted on the nails. These nail art designs can be creative, funky, flowery, or geometrical.

Nail paint gives better results when it is done by an expert artist. In the process of nail paint, first of all, the nails are cleaned and the dead skin and cuticles are removed. Then, a base coat of paint is applied on the nails and generally, white color is applied so the design can be shown easily. Lastly, the main design is painted on the nails with bright colors like gold, silver, green, black, blue, etc.

Applying Decorations on the Nails

Some people love to decorate their nails with several types of embellishments. These decorations include feathers, stones, glitter, beads, tiny stickers, flowers, etc. with glue on the surface of the nails. There are some well-liked combinations such as paint and stickers, paint and stones, and paint and glitter.

Acrylic Nails

When acrylic nails are used as nail art, it is the best way to make your nails look longer and more striking. They are made of acrylic material and fixed on the natural nails of the person giving it a longer look.


If you want to do nail art, you need to collect all the required tools such as nail polishes of different colors, brush applicator, sequins, rhinestones, gems, etc. to decorate your nail design.

You can make attractive and creative designs with these nail art tools. Give an extremely new look to your nails!

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