Vietnam Visa

How To Get Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

If you are planning to visit Vietnam, you must need a visa for traveling. We all know that getting a visa is a very long procedure and it includes numerous details. Some people think that it’s difficult to get a Vietnam visa. So, they cancel their trip and visit another country.

The easiest and simple way to get a visa is to take the help of the internet as it will save you time and effort to get it online. You can have one more option to obtain a visa i.e. a Vietnam visa on arrival.

Why Select Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

• Getting a Vietnam visa on arrival is a very simple and easy procedure; you can search on the internet and visit an appropriate website to apply for a visa on arrival. It just takes a few minutes to fill out the visa form and then you will get a pre-approved visa letter which allows you to enter Vietnam without any difficulty.

• If you apply online, getting a Vietnam visa will save you time and you don’t have to wait for several days as you can get your approval letter in the utmost 48 hours. With your approval letter airlines will permit you to trip to Vietnam.

• When you select to get a visa for arrival through the Internet it costs you less to get your visa approval letter as it saves you money.

• If you live far away from Vietnam, then a Vietnam visa on arrival is the best choice to visit Vietnam.

What Is Require For Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

1. You must need your visa approval letter or pre-approved visa letter before you apply for a Vietnam visa online.
2. All details in the approval letter must match to your passport details.
3. Validity of your passport must be at least 6 months.
4. Your identity details must match your passport and your photo must be similar to the photo in your passport.
5. You can pick up a visa only once as there are three international airports in Vietnam.


These are some tips to select a Vietnam visa on arrival which may help you to get your visa easily. Now take the help of such smarter ways and get your visa without any trouble!

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